PROGRAM : work in progress
France,Spain, Belarus,Russia,Poland,Slovenia, , Ukraine, ,Armenia,, Greece, Italy

LETTER to the SPEAKERS ( 15 from 10 Countries)


First of all many thanks for your acceptance to partecipate in the WEBCONFERENCE  “Woodpigeon in Europe-2021“    your contribute will be representative of the status of Columba palumbus  in your Country .

You are invited to produce

-       a Title of your presentation ( possibly according with the Topics of the Webconference as listed downwww.woodpigeoncolumbapalumbus.com );

-       a short ABSTRACT as by Instructions ( check down) at www.woodpigeoncolumbapalumbus.com  as soon as possible but by DEAD LINE 30th September ;

-       a full TEXT will be expected to be published (free of charge) on Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research –on-line as soon as possible  (DEAD LINE – 31 DECEMBER)

Depending on your cooperation a first DRAFT-PROGRAMME will be ready at the end of August .

After the “DRAFT” the instructions to partecipate “live” in the WEBCONFERENCE – February 2021 will be emailed to you : everything will be easy and well running .


Best regards


Enrico Cavina

Editor Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research--
COMMENT : .......work in progress

REGISTER NOW -send email  : ecavinaster@gmail.com 

Dead Line : Abstract ( English language) 30 September 2020 
The first step of the WEBCONFERENCE is exclusive for INVITED SPEAKERS   : they are strongly pressed to accept  ( 30 June) and choice ( 30 September) a Title of their own presentation ( timing 15-20 minutes with Slides in English) , according with the main topics and related to the nesting status and transit of the Species Columba palumbus In their own Country and area.
For details and confirmation of acceptance they can contact the Editor of “ Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research” .ecavinaster@gmail.com 
Their presentations (mandatory  in English or French ) will be supported by simultaneous translation ( English,French,Italian languages ,possibly Spanish) .
The discussion will be by the following rules :
  • the registered participants will send “real time” by Email their short question  ( one) to the Speakers during the Conference
  • The “Moderator ” will select “ real time” the appropriate questions
  • The Speakers - one by one- will answer  ( simultaneous translation) by voice at the end of the session “real-time”.  
  • At present time we cannot exclude pre-recorded video- presentations supported by translation ( written running subtitles) .
All the Texts of the official presentations will be published -including questions and answers of the discussion -  on-line on the Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research . ( dead line : 31 December 2020)

DEAD LINE  for ABSTRACTS of the invited accepted Speakers 30 September 2020 

the Definitive “Draft” Program will be published  August 2020  and full Definitive Program will be published ( including free accepted selected
short-reports and posters)  January 2021 .
 On the same way ,depending on participation of interested Researchers and technical costs , the
WEBCONFERENCE will be confirmed ,modified or cancelled  
Please take note : pre-planned WEBCONFERENCE ( long  term,short term) is an extraordinary means to achieve better scientific exchanges .

Main topics for the Conference:

  •  exclusive : COMMON. WOODPIGEON ( Columba palumbus palumbus)
-      Migration : behaviour ,flexibility ,timing ,Weather and  Air Pressure dependence
  • Migration phenology
  • Migration ecology and sense ecology
  • Climatological changes : influence .Biodiversity
  • Geography and ecology of populations/species: distribution patterns, range dynamics, tactics and strategies for survival in a heterogeneous environment and pronounced seasonality
  • Origins of migration ,census of migration
  • Main flyways,routes,stop.over area
  • Population demography and global trends
  • Migration, philopatry, navigation mechanisms
  • Conservation of birds and their habitats
  • Birds and agriculture, birds and game managing, breeding of birds-
  • Birds in cities (applied issues of synanthropization of birds, monitoring)
  • Parassitologie
  • Morphology,physiology , age,moult, sub-species (?)
  • Monitoring and counts’ methods : ancient and modern
  • New technologies for monitoring bird migration and behaviour
  • Hunting’s Pressure
  • Satellite monitoring
  • Radioisotope / DNA - special session “ORIGIN of Migrators”****
  • Patterns of experimental field/laboratory research
  • Metabolism,endocrinology
  • New challenges  in Research
  • PROPOSAL-DRAFT for a “ EUROPEAN UNION MANAGEMENT PLAN for WOOD PIGEON “ to E.U. directories ( appendix for grants)
Integrated expansion of the WEBCONFERENCE  : second step .
The registered Partecipants ( free registration) will be invited to present “short reports” and/or “ posters on-line” to be directly published on-Line   - depending on acceptance -     before the WEBCONFERENCE . A second CALL for possible participants will be after 30 June.
The publications of Texts ( free) will be flexible on Italian Journal Woodpigeons Research  ( English , French, Spanish, Italian languages)
If the available  hours’time for presentations will be previously exceeded , selected presentations ( texts only) will be published directly on the Journal without oral set up .
Special evolution of the main Topic of the WEBCONFERENCE as “ Migration” will be considered : special sequential Workshops Meetings (4) could be planned during 2021 as “ Research monitoring-updating” after Spring migration, Breeding season, Autumn migration, Wintering season . The possible platform will be decided at the end of the WEBCONFERENCE  February 2021.
The present “ invitation draft” can be modified / cancelled depending on technical organization of the WEBCONFERENCE and related costs .

Invited Speakers from the following Countries have accepted 
France,Spain, Belarus,Russia,Poland,Slovenia, , Ukraine, ,Armenia,, Greece, Italy
Reference Email address   :   ecavinaster@gmail.com 

No Registration fees
DEAD LINE : 31 December 2020 

REGISTER   NOW  simply  : first Name - last Name - Country - Institution,Association,other - email address

“Registration in WW”  -WW as Woodpigeon WEBCONFERENCE

Send by Email to : ecavinaster@gmail.com 

Your registration will be confirmed and you will be updated concerning the organizzative evolution of the WEBCONFERENCE

and instructions for your active participation on-line.

You   can cancel your registration any time .

What about WEBCONFERENCE ?What is it ?      >>>       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_conferencing


DEAD LINE for registered Researchers participants : 31 December 2020  - after your registration you’ll receive instructions for Abstracts and Paper/Reports texts.
Submit to ecavinaster@gmail.com 

RESEARCH ORNITHOLOGY - Citizen Science - open Institution Scientific Research
Woodpigeon- Palombe-Colombaccio- Columba palumbus  - MIGRATION WEBCONFERENCE by Club Italiano Colombaccio  -scheduled February 2021 Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research - IJWR - free Journal on-line 
  Woodpigeons - Columba palumbus- in Europe : research and state of art - 2021 - WEBCONFERENCE February 2021   

 Email :ecavinaster@gmail.com   


Instructions for Abstracts


We are receiving acceptances from invited Speakers

They will be invited to prepare an Abstract/Summary of their own Presentation ( maximun 20 ' ) : Dead Line 30 September 2020 - ecavinaster@gmail.com


To write an useful Abstracts we suggest some Guide-lines as by the construction of an Editorial published on Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research - 2018


The Presentation should be focused mainly on "current status of woodpigeons in COUNTRY",and other focus on one/more items as by Topics of the Conference.

It could be a right way and guide how to present the main data of Presentation :

< Current Status of Woodpigeons ( Columba palumbus )  in Russia(2018) > MISCHENKO Alexander   – Senior Researcher ,Severtsov’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution – Russian Academy of Science – Moscow – RUSSIA –>http://journal.ilcolombaccio.it/ijwr-vol-1-2018-editorials/



To the kind attention of Researchers ( Ornithology,Ecology) in Europe

The "Columba palumbus" 's   Research  in Europe seems too poor -at present time- despite in front of important climate changes  : probably it depends on a poor coordination between Researchers .
We propose a Webconference to be organized in February 2021 .
A long-term proposal/draft is presented at
Please go check the details , provide suggestions ( if you like) and spread this initiative to the maximum . Thank you .
Best wishes from Italy , and our sincerest hopes that the current situation passes soon,

Enrico Cavina


Why a WEBCONFERENCE ? Why about “research” and “state of art” ?

Many other questions could be added .

Columba palumbus is a Species of birds that enjoys an excellent health in Europe .
Many data indicates that the increasing in migrating populations in Europe is very important during last 5 years:223,9% in Falsterbo data on annual - 200-300 % in Italian data as in http://journal.ilcolombaccio.it/.
Last reported graphics by European Bird Census Council,concerning Columba palumbus (2005-updated) is in following Gallery . https://www.ebcc.info/new-issue-of-bird-census-news-32-12/
It seems resulting an evident gap between real current status of the Species and reported data (updated 2005) , in front of a very impressive increasing as recorded during Autumn migration 2019 ( publications at Italian Journal Woodpigeon Research - http://journal.ilcolombaccio.it/) and also reported by Falsterbo Observatory ( see Graphics in Gallery ) .
If we know that the Species is abundant , we must also remember that no more than 100 years ago a “cousin species” (Ectopistes migratorius) in North America - “from billions to none “- become extinct .

It seems that all the initiatives developed out of orthodox rules should be ignored despite the fact that - specifically for Columba palumbus- the reports produced by official Ornithology are few and absolutely not supported by true recorded data collected in the field by Citizen Science ( https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2351989420303632)
Climatic changes,forests’status’changes,agricolture’s changes , anthropization of large territories are all biotic and abiotic factors influencing the status ( breeding/nesting area,stops-over area,wintering area ,sedentary area ) of the Species Columba palumbus that is characterized by sensitive flexibility inside the habitat and biodiversity and related migration phenology .

If we can build better methodologies to study the Migration on the field (changing flyways ) , we must also consider that many other items concerning anatomy,physiology ,sensitive ,ecology ,biodynamics ,genetics,diseases’diffusion , subspecies and other must be investigated by basic Research .
A storm of following images in Gallery ( http://www.woodpigeoncolumbapalumbus.com/ ) could be emblematic .

The “ Research and state of art” concerning Columba palumbus are poor at present time and also the efforts by Citizen Science operators result uncoordinated : the present effort to organize a WEBCONFERENCE -as a possible platform for exchanging knowledges - is also “an outstretched hand” to Institutions and Researchers to find humility and will to compare themselves building better coordinated methods of work .It could be a first “European” important step.